Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday's Trust - Heart Scars in The Lepers' Colony

Tuesday's Trust

Heart Scars


The Lepers' Colony

Heart Scars in The Lepers' Colony

We of the lepers' colony know who we are;
We limp, we falter, we need to hide…
We notice: our friends, too, retreat afar…
So to tend our wounds, in our Lord we abide ~
He is our safety: He accepts where we are;
He embraces our honesty; He comes alongside.

We of the lepers' colony know who we are;
Our wounds, too deep, others run far and wide
Yet we know deep love must bleed out, though it creates scar after scar,
So our own wounds we tend, and to other lepers confide.
As we groan and we limp and cannot run far,
We narrow our world, and make time to abide
In the deep Spirit of God who comes alongside.

He too knows deep grief as His Son left His side
To go and love others, and suffer Love's scars
Even to death, so He could bring us alongside
To come to His Father, and in His love abide.

(He suffers when each of us lambs, running afar,
Afraid of our own needs, in fear we hide,
Not letting Him come near to see who we are,
And yet, we need a Savior both to rescue and chide
To draw us to Him, and to face who we are.)

Without facing our pain, and our own hurt denied,
We cheat ourselves, allowing Him to bear all our scars,
Till with Love He o'ercomes us and opens our eyes
To know we need Him to help us face ourselves, and carry Love's scars.

So now too we cherish our pain gushing from inside,
Though it torments and wounds, healing over into each scar,
For each scar represents the Love we still have for our child
And reminds us of our mothering and fathering, for that's who we are.

With all the joys and the pains, we come to our child's side;
In embracing all the emotions, we feel our pierced side,
Yet we know it's all worth it, for that's who we are,
Mothers and Fathers who love, rendered lepers with scars…

We of the lepers' colony know who we are,
But we rejoice despite pain, knowing the love treasured within each scar!

Jesus, despite His perfection in Heaven, today still retains Love's scars!
So when we see them in Heaven, we'll be reminded each time
Of such love poured out for us, surpassing any other love by far…

So perhaps, when sprung into Heav'n from our lepers' colony, we too will still bear Love's scars…

Perhaps our children will be overjoyed to see the depths of our love poured out for them within each of our Love-filled scars.

Poem - Heart Scars in The Lepers' Colony - Angie Bennett Prince - June 24, 2014

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