Thursday, December 25, 2014

Blessed Christmas! Spending Christmas without Merry...

Blessed Christmas!

Spending Christmas without Merry

There are no halls decked with holly
There are no people looking jolly…

There is no door bedecked with a wreath
Just two people swamped with grief…

There are no packages under a tree
And there's no tree, just you and me…

Life is not a bowl, and it has no cherry
Since we lost our child, our darling Merry…

There are Christmas cards from a few friends
Though you find friends are few when your child's life ends…

We do order movies, but they are all about grief,
For shedding our tears does bring us some relief…

There is no shopping, for we find we need no presents;
We just need mourning time as we long for our Merry's presence…

There is no church we can attend,
For, filled with Child-Loss Grief, we find there's no room in the Inn…

But, we do find our Savior hovering near
He brings us grace and even lends His sweet cheer…

For you see, tastes all change when your child dies;
All we need is comfort, and our Lord to wipe our eyes...

He surrounds us with constant reminders of His love
In His scriptures for the brokenhearted filled with Comfort from Above…

He reminds us there's sweetness in our grief with echoes from Above
Because when each tear falls, it's all about the child we both so deeply love…

And somehow He lets us know He understands
For the Son of God was also the Son of man…

For our Lord who was born on that first Christmas night
Was surrounded from day one with Death's horrendous blight…

He too was wounded and acquainted with grief
He knew the feelings of despair that brought Him no relief...

His Father, too, knows our pain from the very bottom of His heart
Because He too lost His precious Child, and the whole world turned dark…

The Holy Spirit comes and joins us in our pain;
He recognizes our grief in each wordless groan He makes…

So somehow, as this Christmas day draws near
Though our hearts are torn without our Merry here,
Our hearts are comforted as God: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
So tenderly draw near…

Merry, precious Merry, how we miss you our sweet child
Though seasons come and seasons go,
Whether spring winds, summer rains, fall chills, or winter snow,
Our Lord understands that without you our darling child,
Our spirits, this side of Heaven, will be forever riled…

So my bereaved friends, amidst your grief and pain,
May you remember that our God and Savior do truly understand...

With our Lord's sweetest blessings,

 Merry Christmas to all 
a God-Blessed and -Comforted New Year!

Poem - Spending Christmas without Merry ~Angie Bennett Prince - December 18, 2014

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday's Woe - Family Doubts

Wednesday's Woe

Family Doubts

Family Doubts 


Veiled Threats to add to our Troubles 
their Troublesome Holiday "Gifts"

There are no words to help you understand
What this life of Child-Loss grief and trauma is all about;
If you really knew, you would not command
Me to prove my love for you beyond all doubt.

It is all I can do each day to survive
Now going on eight years without my child;
I work hard each day just to stay alive
As my heart-soul-and-spirit have been left in a pile.

How can people be so clueless
As they puff up their chest in self-righteousness,
While we child-loss grievers are left to mourn,
Our souls by their self-righteous arrows now left further battered and torn...

We do not have sufficient words 
To explain this raw grief and trauma to ourselves,
Much less do we have the energy to find defensive words 
To explain ourself to their self-righteous selves.

Is it any wonder we withdraw from the world
When we have lost our hearts 
Along with our boy or girl?

Poem - Family Doubts ~Angie Bennett Prince - December 2, 2014

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