Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday's Sayings - After the Holidays...

Hope you are having a blessed New Year so far...

Saturday's Sayings

After the Holidays...

As we (enter) the "New Year," our thoughts are mixed with every emotion imaginable. We know that turning a page on a calendar and making a resolution will not bring back to us the one thing in life that we long for the most -- our child. Losing a child puts a whole new perspective on the New Year. We will still be traveling the same journey of loss and the reality of that is sometimes overwhelming! God bless every family today in a most special way whose life has been touched by the loss of a child!


As we have gone through the holidays, there is one thing most of us have been reminded of ...

~My Special Angel

And that is... Grief Has No Holiday!!!


There are times when we simply want to crawl in a hole and give up! Child loss is such a lonely, difficult journey, and so misunderstood by so many. It's exhausting to "play the game of pretend" -- outwardly looking fine, but inside screaming for relief from this ongoing pain of loss. Losing a child heaps tons of pain, guilt, questions, and loneliness on us. And, yet, deep inside we know we must find a way to continue to live. God bless every parent, sibling, grandparent, and family member who is in the midst of this ongoing grief of child loss right now!


How Important it is to Hear the Griever's Heart...

~Death of a Loved One

If the parents of the children killed in Connecticut are fortunate they will find comfort from friends and family and will have at least someone who will 

listen for as long as it is necessary- 
listen as they sob, moan, cry, scream, blame, deny, question, regret, plead, shut-down; 
listen as they tell the story of their loss, and tell it over and over again, as they must; 
listen as they anguish over whether their child suffered in those last few moments ; 
listen as they question whether they loved their child enough, or were good enough parents; 
listen as they question whether their child was happy and felt loved; 
listen as they question whether they did anything to bring this misfortune upon themselves and their child; 
listen as they question their faith and how a supreme being could have allowed this to happen; 
listen as they wish they were the ones killed instead of their child; 
listen as they question how they can go on living now that their child is dead; 
listen as they blame themselves for not being able to protect their child and not being there to hold and comfort their child in his or her last moments. 

And this is just the beginning for these parents.


~Betrayed by Love



We all need safety amidst our deep grief. Go where there is love and nurturance, not where there is judgment and toxicity...


Our Message to Heaven:

~Grieving Mother, Carol Whisenant Rowe via ~The Compassionate Friends


Our Message from Our Child in Heaven:


~The Social Butterfly

Happy New Year graphic ~from blog, Beautiful and Terrible


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