Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday's Woe - What Death Takes

Wednesday's Woe

What Death Takes

So many lonely nights just struggling to survive
death takes you to places you've never been...
It destroys all your plans and dreams
it takes away your reason for seeking joy
your reason for believing in the future

Years may roll by...
but never a time will come
for your heart to heal and move on...
Death chains what is left of your heart
to that one single moment in time
and it never lets go

Death steals away a love
you just can’t live without
leaves an empty parody
of what you used to be...
Your body lives in the physical realm
but your heart and soul are lost
to another time and place

It’s not about the love you still have
for that is cherished as it always was...
It’s about the life that is gone
the part of yourself
you have to exist without

when death steals your child it also steals...
a brother or sister
an uncle or aunty
a nephew or niece
a grandson or granddaughter
a cousin
a Godfather or Godmother
a friend
a colleague
a son or daughter-in-law
your future grandchildren

Death steals whole futures
and leaves you with only the past

Pictures and objects
and love in your heart...
Memories to treasure
from which you’ll never part

All these...
for long lonely years
you have to make last

~Grieving Mother, TeriAnn Sargent ©2011

Thank you TeriAnn for your poem that captures our Child-Loss Grief and Trauma angst. We post your poem today in loving memory of your precious son, Jared.

Picture, thanks to Grieving Mother Dani MarieBernadette D'Angelo


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