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Tuesday's Trust - If I Could Visit Heaven ~with my added verses

Tuesday's Trust

If I Could Visit Heaven

If I could visit Heaven, Lord, I'd come up there and see
Why it was so urgent to take my child away from me.
I'd ask a million questions. There would be no lies.
I'd take in all the beauty of the never ending skies.
But most of all I'd sit and talk to my baby one more time.
I'd ask him what he does all day, he'd tell me that he's fine.
He'd tell me that he's happy and no longer has any pain.
He'd tell me that he loves me and we'll be together again.
If I could visit Heaven, Lord, It would help me deal.
It would help each day go by, It would help me heal.
But I can't visit Heaven, Lord. I'll have to wait and see.
I know you know I miss my child. I have to let it be.
So will You tell him that I miss him? And will You hug him tight?
And tell him that I see him, in the stars at night?
And will You tell him that I love him more than eyes can see...
Oh, if I could only visit Heaven, Lord,
How blessed my life would be.

 ~ with my added verses...

If I Could Visit Heaven, Lord...

If I could visit Heaven Lord, I know that I would see…
My baby is so happy, happier than, here, she could ever be.
I'd wrap my arms around her and hold her O so tight,
Similar to the way I did---in what turned out to be---our last night…

I'd catch her up on how her friends are doing, and all earth's goings on,
We'd sit and talk, and laugh and play, we'd sing Heavn's latest song,
She'd take me all 'round Heaven, and lovingly make me for It, long…
I'd rest my heart knowing all her latest Life-filled activities 
As if she were just away at camp, filled with its festivities.

I wouldn't want to bring her home; that would be cruelty;
To return her to this fallen world would not be loving of me,
But Lord, it would help me to know what her life's like in the Divine;
You know a mother always longs to know her baby is quite fine…

But I'll stay here, and let You help me ever build my faith
For by it You will carry me up to Your Home some Day,
And I will trust that every day You'll love and hug my child,
Reminding her Mommy misses her, and longs to see that smile...

Thank You God for saving her, and keeping her safe with You,
Life with You must be wonderful though I can't see beyond these skies of blue.
I do know she ever basks in Your deep abiding love 
And You sing and rejoice over her, and quiet her by Your love.

Quiet me too now my Father, wrap Your arms around me so tight.
Help me get through these days, and this seemingly never-ending Night.
Comfort this grieving mommy's heart while separated from my child,
And when I slip and think she's gone, let me again glimpse 
her bright and lively smile…



lThe Lord your God is in your midst,
na Mighty One who will save;
oHe will rejoice over you with gladness;
He will quiet you by His love;
He will exult over you with loud singing.

~Zephaniah 3:17, ESV

Indeed, everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die. (~Jesus)

(Some capitalizations, mine)

Graphic with poem, thanks to
ESV = English Standard Version of The Holy Bible
Poem - If I Could Visit Heaven, Lord... - Angie Bennett Prince - January 7, 2012


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