Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday's Faith - In Child-Loss Grief, What Does Faith Do?

Friday's Faith

In Child-Loss Grief,

What Does Faith Do?

like crazy. 
My heart is 
and broken 
into a million tiny pieces and I can't breathe. 
My heart and soul 
aches for just one more moment. 
I miss your smile, I miss your voice. 
My tears are endless...
I ask God, Why, but he didn't answer. 
What is a new normal? I liked it just the way it was. 
Time passes and I know you are not coming back. 
I hear that time heals but I don't believe it does. 
Time cannot heal a broken heart. Nothing can fill this void. 
Memories and tears flood my mind 
and my eyes with every breath I take. 
I am your Mother always and forever. 
I will always hold sweet memories of you 
for as long as I am breathing. You are my Child. 
Grief. What is Grief? Grief is Love. 
I love you to the moon and back and every where in between. 
Some days I find joy amidst all the pain and sorrow. 
Knowing that in my heart, there will be tomorrow. 
My sweet child, I have faith in our God above, 
and I know I will see you again, it's all about that love. 
Until the day we meet again, 
I will hold you close to my heart, 
knowing that one 
sweet day, 
we'll never be apart.


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