Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday's Sayings - Survivors in a Fallen World

Saturday's Sayings

Survivors in a Fallen World


~Grieving Mother Jill Compton shared Wings of Hope-Living Forward


~Wings of Hope~Living Forward

The Pain Of Grief

It comes quietly but quickly
Stealing away your breath
A pain in your heart so strong
Caused by a loved one’s death.

It’s cold and harsh and painful
It weaves through your soul and mind
Tears that flow like a river
No peace in your heart you’ll find.

A harsh reality it makes you face
Such an emptiness in your heart
A longing so unbelievably strong
For the love that’s been torn apart.

The nights are long and terrible
Old memories rob you of sleep
Remembering every precious moment
And in the quiet of night you weep.

Sorting through old pictures
And some will make you smile
But then you’re overcome with pain
And you’ll cry again for awhile.

No one can understand it
Unless they've suffered this way
And then they come to realize
That their grief is here to stay.

In time it may get easier
But it always will remain
Inside a broken, shattered heart
And a soul that’s etched with pain.

~ Charlotte Anselmo ~



Grief is not your Enemy

Grief surrounds you with no language yet all people and all lands know it. Grief wreaks havoc with your mind and body and soul.

Grief plays nasty head games with you and can take a beautiful day and put it to the depths of hell. Grief does not want you to escape it - ever.

Grief is invisible but becomes loud and present to the grieving parents it visits to and you have to walk in the world as if it is not there. Grief is an unwanted visitor.

Grief is a volcano deep inside your core. It digs, and digs, day after day destroying your inner being.

Grief reminds you of every piece of fragment of your pain and anger and disbelief of what has happened to your child and controls your every emotion. Grief puts a lot of trust in your memory to help it’s cause so to bring up everything bad or things you wish you could change about the relationship you had with your child.

In the beginning, griefs job is so easy. No resistance. The grief moves around in you causing deep valleys of sorrow and pain. Grief can talk you into anything if you let it. Grief tells you life is not worth living.

Grief has very clever and deceptive ways and will go to any means to invoke the rawest, of your emotions. Grief can take the sweetest dream and turn it into your worst nightmare.

We ask ourselves why? Why would grief do such a terrible thing to someone? Why would grief get such pleasure out of someone else's pain?

What else are we suppose to think?

Actually, Grief is doing it’s job.

Grief is there to get you to work whether you want to or not, to work the process of grieving. In addition, do not fool yourself; it is work, hard work and only you can do it. The work is painful but in the end can be victorious.

As you work through the grieving process, you may even find that you are starting to understand and know grief and maybe grief will become your friend. Grief is an on-going job with no end in sight. It is just moments of release from the pain and sorrow.

As you go through the grief process you will begin to understand that a lot of the unrelenting pain, the pictures, and bad dreams will give way to softer memories of smiles and whispers and eyes of love.

~Wings of Hope~Living Forward


~Death of a Loved one


~Death of a Loved one


~Darlene Thomas via ~Death of a Loved one


~I Miss Those Close To Me Who Are Now In Heaven As Beautiful Angels 


~Grieving Mother Jill Compton shared ~Words of Wisdom


~Grieving Mother Jill Compton and ~Grieving Mother Pat Dattoli Wentworth 
          via ~Wings of Hope-Living Forward


We want to be...

Survivor, not victim. Growing, not ignoring. Authentic, not flawless.


Lead picture and quote by Annie Dillard, thanks to ~Authentuity


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