Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - Terrorized

Wednesday's Woe


I dreamed I fell into a trap door--into subterranean terrors.

~Hoyt Hickman

Last night, I was talking to Tommy about a detail of Merry Katherine's death. This detail had been described to me by phone about six months after the crash by the Assistant Chief of Police of Fort Payne, Alabama. The Assistant Chief had helped to handle the horrific crash site the night Merry Katherine was killed. I could have sworn I had told Tommy all the details I had learned, but the mind can only absorb so much...

As soon as I said the words last night, I saw Tommy's face crash in upon itself. Stunned, I realized he did not know this particular fact that had so many painful implications.

I said, "You didn't know this, did you?"

He nodded his head in acknowledgement even as the tears pooled in his eyes.

I said, "I'm sorry."

Almost 3 1/2 years later, and a new discovery of one of the horrific details of our baby's death is made. We have said many times over the months and years since her death, and we said it again last night,

"We are still being terrorized..."

Death is a horrible thing. To have it happen to your cherished baby girl whom you've spent her whole life hovering over, nurturing, and protecting is absolutely one of the most devastating terrors a person can feel.

Now, 3 1/2 years later, we continue to say,

We are still being


Quote from Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief by Martha Whitmore Hickman.



danielle198890 said...

You Are A Beautiful & Cherished Friend~ A "God Gift" & Blessing Beyond Words~ I Am So, So Sorry For Your Pain & The Endless Grief That You Now Endure~ Love To You Wise & Wonderful Woman! "Bonded By The Empty Ache"

Grieving Mother/Therapist, Angie Bennett Prince said...

Dearest Danielle,

Thank you so much for your amazing love and support through this tumultuous grief. I'll never forget how we met three years after both of our terrible losses, and yet we discovered that our baby girls had died within two weeks of each other in 2006... I love how you wondered if our girls had put their heads together in Heaven to ask God to arrange for us to meet. :) It would be just like them - I am sure they both long for us to get back more of our laughter that we've lost in these dreadful days.

How sweet that you and I CAN laugh together AND cry together. Thank you Danielle for your friendship and your amazing tender encouragement! And welcome to my blog!

May God continue to heal your precious but broken heart.

Much love,


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