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Friday's Faith - We Lie in God's Arms Amidst Satan's Lies

Friday's Faith

We Lie in God's Arms Amidst Satan's Lies

“What a Friend we have in Jesus!" His hand keeps us, not only when we go through the valley of the shadow of death but also before that. When we pray, “Take my hand, Lord, and hold me tight,” the Lord does it.

My father used to say to us when we were children and had to go away from home for a while, "Children, don’t forget, when Jesus takes your hand then he holds you tight. And when Jesus keeps you tight, he guides you through life. And when Jesus guides you through life, one day he brings you safely home.”

~Corrie Ten Boom He Cares He Comforts


We Lie in God’s Arms Amidst Satan’s Lies

Naked come I before Your throne, Dear Lord,

Vulnerable as a new-born baby,

Needing her daddy’s sweet validation:

Show me my true identification.

Held in Your arms, I feel Your affection,

You know the hell I’ve been through, and You care.

Held in Your arms, You show Your reflection;

The world says I’m done / You number each hair.

Rewire my brain; neurons are misfiring;

My baby’s snatched away; my heart’s undone;

I must hear what You say midst th’ muck ‘n miring;

Finish in Your child what You’ve begun.

Who am I now, Lord? Satan’s lies abound

“You could not save your daughter; where’s she now?

You lost little lamb; she cannot be found;

What kind of mother are you anyhow?”

Your Love comes into my heart to restore

Your eternal perspective of my lot;

When I think all is lost, You show me more

Of Who You are to this mother distraught.

You’re a Mother Bear, protecting her cub,

You’re a Roaring Lion, angry to th’ core;

When th’ Enemy grabbed, he pulled back a nub,

You intervened, rescued li’l lamb You adore.

Then You show me me, from Your perspective:

I’m not the mean mother Satan’s portrayed,

Your guiding me with her was not defective,

But Your Love through me to her was conveyed…

Li’l lamb’s safe with You now, set free to roam,

When held in Your arms, she’s found her True Home.

Poem – We Lie in God’s Arms Amidst Satan’s Lies – Angie Bennett Prince – 10/24/08


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