Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wednesday's Woe - Where Was Your Guardian Angel?

Wednesday's Woe

Where Was Your Guardian Angel?

Where was your Guardian Angel?
Did she need a rest?

Of all the work that you'd required,
Did it put her to the test?

Where was your Guardian Angel
On that fateful night?

Did she need to take her leave
When you felt such horrific fright?

Where was your Guardian Angel
When you took that final fall?

Was she not there to catch you
When you needed her most of all?

God, it's so confusing...
From this world we cannot see
The methods of Your choosing
In Your view from Eternity.

Picture: Heilige Schutzengel Art Print, thanks to Irene Wilson on Pinterest

Poem: Where Was Your Guardian Angel, by Angie Bennett Prince, 2/18/2014


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Angie Prince said...

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You are welcome to join my Pinterest page as well as my blog here.!

~Blessings to all of us grieving mothers and fathers as we attempt to grapple with the spiritual confusion after losing our precious child. Our Child Loss Grief and Trauma strikes us in all the dearest places of our body, soul, spirit, mind, strength, and heart! No wonder that grappling with such loss throws our lives into such disarray.

~May God hold us all close to His Own heart as we walk through this arduous journey for the rest of this earthly life.

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