Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday's Sorrow - The Weeping of a Child-Loss Soul

Sunday's Sorrow

The Weeping of a Child-Loss Soul

Does lead transmute to gold? 
With God's help, can this grieving heart be made whole?

When my child died,
I was left with a broken heart
How could I abide
Such heinous news
That from this earthly life, she forever would depart?
It defies all this mother stands for, and all my heart imbues.

The hail of death fell
Upon my body, heart, soul, and spirit
No comfort could quell
This mother's broken spirit.

My heart split into a million pieces
As from this mother's hell
I'd never be granted any releases;
Over the months and years, deeper into despair's pit I fell...

Even the Bible had laid out 
what I had in store:

This is what the LORD says,

"A voice is heard in Ramah, 
mourning and great weeping, 
Rachel weeping for her children 
and refusing to be comforted, 
because they are no more."

Into a megaphone, to me, Death's demons would roar, 
"Where was your God in Heaven
when hell's wrath upon your child did pour?"

My God whose heart toward me ever had been full of love
Seemed to have abandoned His throne from His own Heaven above
For the God of love I knew,
From death, my child, surely would rescue!

It seemed every promise in His word I had ever read
Would surely not have left my helpless child dead!

Now my soul was hurling into an ever sure demise
As I would feel no release coming from Heaven's skies.
I remembered God's whole earth had been struck dark
When His own Son from it's torturous shores would depart.

How ever would I find any relief this side of Heaven
As for this mother's grief there seemed to be no relieving leaven? 

How did my Heavenly Father from Death's destruction recover
As He watched through earth's darkness as His own Child's breath was smothered?

Why did He not destroy all of His created earth
At such infamous culmination of His own Holy Child's birth?

Despite His untold agony as He looked down from Glory
Surely our God survived by knowing the Rest of the Story...
That His Own Son would leave earth's shores to rejoin with Him in Glory…!

Perhaps therein I'll find the Grace I daily ever will need
To begin to quell this broken heart from its constant grievous bleed… 

Surely when the Golden Grace of God imparts into a shattered human heart
There is a glorious transmutation that occurs to quicken His own Life into my broken heart
To help a mother on this earth her own child's death to survive…

Even as man transmutes gold from lead,
Our God quickens my child's life so that her Spirit now survives 
Even though she too, like God's own Son, once was deemed dead,
Through God's Glorious Grace, she now  has been made Alive!

By God's Grace, while still on this earth, this mother's broken heart survives…
And I too someday will live again and see that my child thrives!

God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

~Psalm 147:3

Poem - The Weeping of a Child-Loss Soul - Angie Bennett Prince - January 4, 2015

Scripture quoted in poem:

New International Version
"A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more."

~Matthew 2:18 NIV

New International Version
This is what the LORD says: "A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more."

~Jeremiah 31:15 NIV

1st Graphic:

~Artwork by Mark Lawrence based on Psalm 147:3: 

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2nd Graphic:

Artwork by Karen Holland based on Psalm 147:3

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds curing their pains and their sorrows. Psalm 147:3

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Marsha said...

Thank you, Angie! I knew I could come here, even after so long a passage of time, and find you here. I love your courage to share your grief that becomes a balm for our own grief.

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