Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday's Trust ~ Amidst our Raging Storm...

Tuesday's Trust

Amidst our Raging Storm...

"Let (us) praise Him with dancing and make music to Him..."

~Psalm 149:3

O Lord, You’re such a tender God, attending our deepest needs, hearing our heartfelt cries, lifting our spirits from the miry muck, even as continuously, but gently, You ever are mending our broken hearts and lives.

As You nurture us in our tumultuous vulnerability, You call us to the dance, enabling us to praise You. 

Help us to remember even Your very faithful Daniel was not spared the lion’s den, but You were there with him, silencing the ravenous roars with Your healing presence… 

By the faith You have given us, may we entrust ourselves to You, “knowing” in our heart of hearts, You stand with us as well…

Let (us) praise Your name with dancing 

and make music to You...

even, and especially, 

Amidst our Raging Storm. 

essence of Psalm 149:3a-b NIV

NIV ~ New International Version of The Holy Bible

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