Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Music in Grief - "Like a Cleansing Deep in My Soul"

Re: Comments -- Music
One of you, after reading my first post on this blog, made the following comment:

I also find I weep the hardest when I hear good gospel music, and it's like a cleansing deep in my soul.
Thank you for sharing what helps you to best express your grief! What is it about Music? It just seems to penetrate right into our hearts and souls! Some say music is the “language of the emotions.” I agree with you Digger; good music surely speeds up the grief process for me; it just cuts through any “intellectualizing” I might be doing to try to explain away my grief, for the music brings it right out of me in such a poignant way—painful, yes, but tender, too.

Speaking of music that helps us to express our grief, I added this music bar in the sidebar to the left (and two others at the bottom of the page) to share some of the songs that have been so meaningful to me and my family members; some were even ones Merry Katherine gave to me, or loved herself. (One of my favorite memories of her is hearing her belt out “My Redeemer” in her bedroom with Nicole turned up many decibels! So sweet to see her heart pouring out to God like that!)

--See the music widget at the bottom of the blog to get the full rendition of Nicole Mullen's song, "Redeemer."--

I would love to hear more comments from you all! (To comment, just click on "Comment" that is just underneath each post in the blog, and then type in your comment.) Perhaps you could share some music that has been especially helpful to you in grief. (The two music widgets at the bottom should allow you to even play some of your own favorite music while you peruse the blog. But let us know in your comment what some of those songs are!)

Thank you for your comments! I will discuss some others in a blog, coming up soon!

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