Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thanks for being Followers!

Thanks guys for signing up as Followers! I love to know something about you and how you are receiving any information, songs, pictures, videos, poems, etc. found on this blog. For those of you who haven’t become Followers! I would love to have you “follow” this blog; it is here to be helpful to you in your grieving process as I know how painful that process can be. There is a “widget” to the left on the sidebar, just a little below this post, that asks if you would like to be a follower; being a follower makes it easier to click back in to blog -- (You can add your name at any time, and you can remove it at any time. You can add your picture, or choose not to add your picture.) Click back in anytime to check out new posts and to write comments and more comments! So please feel free to add comments at any time. You can share some of your experience with grief, or respond to any aspects of the blog that may pique your interest.

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