Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sundress with Flowers Blue-As-the-Sky

The Sundress with Flowers Blue-As-the-Sky

I ran across your dress today—the one . . .
The one you wore to your graduation luncheon
The church threw for your class of 2005,
The sundress with flowers, white-and-bright-blue.

. . . Such a sweet function—why’d my heart nose-dive?

Then we took pictures of the fam’ and you;
When Daddy took the shots, I thought to myself,
“Don’t you know you should be in them—
they might
Be the last pics of our fam’ly” to put on the shelf. . . .

“Where’d that thought come from?”
I noted with fright.

I ran across your dress today—the one . . .
The one you loved. . . found next to your body. . .

I hold the dress next to my heart

clutch it and cry;
Tire tracks . . . now run across . . .
those flowers blue-as-the-sky.

The dress brings me comfort—I don’t know why;
Perhaps it lets me hold you on the day you had to die. . . .

I ran across your dress today—the one—
The sundress with flowers blue-as-the-sky;
I’ve never seen you in a prettier one . . .

Though now you wear the Son's dress to fly through His-blue-sky!

Written 3/19/09 - The Sundress with Flowers Blue-As-the-Sky - Angie Bennett Prince



vol63 said...

Some will say they understand, but only a few have been where you are now. I am married to a recovering alcoholic. I know how hard tough love is. I also lost the most important person in my life to a drunk driver almost 30 yrs ago. We were like brother and sister but were cousins. We partied at U.T. Knoxville , he was head cheerleader and beautiful inside and out. To this day I cannot say I dont still grieve. I have missed all these years with Stephen. He was the center of our family, of 24 grand children. I watched my aunt die slowly over 10 yrs. She died of a broken heart. Though she had two other sons, nothing replaces the hole in ones soul where a loved one leaves. Especially where a drunk driver is involved. Stephen and I werent angels. We did it all at U. T. drink and drive a few blocks,and we could have killed someones child. But when I watched him die over 7 days in the hospital, all the joy of my life seemed to have left. All my youth was gone forever and I hold onto the fact that he is near tho far away now. I have lost so many to tragedy in the past 10 yrs, including in Iraq. I have hardened to it.But a few years ago my best friend lost her beautiful daughter Emily at age 22 to a lightening strike. No body you know dies that way. But Emily did. Finished college and on a family vacation with partly stormy skys, was struck and died 3 days later. Jackie and her husband have managed to live and have two grandchildren by their other daughter, who was with them at the time of the tragedy. But Jackie is different. She has lost the joy in her beautiful smile. I dont know if we ever get over these things. I am glad you are a christian.
My father was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2005. He had been my hero, a WWII silver star, 3 purple hearts, and 3 bronze battle stars for Normandy and 3 yrs in the the army. He was a wonderful father.
Daddy told us the day we gave him the news of his cancer that God had shown him something and he shared it. He was on his front porch and wondering and asking God why he was still here, Mom had alzheimers, and was wasting away. He said a green field appeared, with all kinds of building materials laying there. He thought he was losing his mind. That night before he went to sleep he saw that the footer had been laid. He as God what was this about. Day by day he saw progress of the building of a small house with a front porch on it. In May we got the word. He said his house was coming along, he wasnt scared. In November I asked how his house was, he said, under roof, but not finished. In January he was very weak, and he said, its finished. I asked what was finished...he answered his house, with rocking chairs for all of us on the porch.
My sister and I told him March 5th 2006 it was okay to go home because he was beginning to have pain. He told us he loved us and the next morning he didnt wake up. He died at noon on the 6th. Mom died two years and 8 days later. She knew he was gone and wanted to go with him.
I know you will see your daughter again. I know she knows you love her. I also know that Stephen, Trey, Ann, Lura, Ben,Aunt Dorothy, Daddy and Mom are waiting for me.
I didnt know your daughter , I wish I had. I saw your article in Sundays paper and it felt like I knew how you hurt. I pray God will lift your heart to Joy. If not at least calmness.

Grieving Mother/Therapist, Angie Bennett Prince said...

Dear Vol63,

Thank you for sharing your heart with me. I am so sorry you lost your cheerleader friend and then your best friend's daughter, Emily. When I read of their tragic deaths, it made me cry for them and for all who love them. So much suffering we have on this fallen earth!

I am so sorry for the suffering that your mom and dad had to go through as well. What a creative way God gave your dad to cope with his transition from his earthly life to his Heavenly Life! And the "vision" was also there to give you all comfort as well! I can just see those rocking chairs on his front porch now, can't you?!

Thank you for your prayer for me. I am so very thankful that God does meet me in my grief. Without His help, I can't imagine how I would cope, but He is so faithful to catch me when I am falling into His arms with my severe grief.

And He does bring me comfort and joy as He shows me the mercy He has provided for Merry Katherine to be in Heaven with Him now -- of course, that comfort brings its own set of tears as I am so touched with His sacrificing His own child that my child could come to Him! What a sweet, tender and merciful God we have!

So again, thank you for your prayer for me, and for sharing your concern for me. I greatly appreciate knowing there are those precious people out there lifting me up in prayer when I don't even know it, but so desperately need it!

May God bless you and continue to comfort your broken heart as well,


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