Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Mourning Shop

The Mourning Shop

Is there a shop to bring your mournings to?
If it were true, I would color it blue.
I would put it in mid-town, in clear sight,
For dark mournings, I would color it bright.
I would add windows, open and airy
Put a bench outside where folks could tarry.
I would build a room up in the attic
A quiet room to soothe any panic,
For one to ponder, pray, or contemplate,
Free from turmoil where one could concentrate.
I would provide a desk where one could write,
Write out their troubles of sorrow, or fright;
I would hang paintings of comforting blue,
To soothe the spirit with comforting hue.
I would have vases of flowers so bright,
Cheering each wounded heart with sweet respite.
I’d bring together grief’s compatriots
From Land of Mourning, “Leave lonely closets,
Release your spirit from darkness covert,
Come into God’s light of love and comfort!”

Painting: “The Blue Shop” by William John Leech, 1917

Poem written in response to poetry cues: blue, bright, bring, and to Leech's painting of "The Blue Shop" as noted on the blog, Simply Snickers: http://simplysnickers.blogspot.com/2009/04/poetry-prompt-through-sunday-april-12.html

Written 4/14/09 - The Mourning Shop - Angie Bennett Prince

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