Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Psalm — My Father God Loves Me in My Grief (An Acrostic Psalm)

                 My Psalm  
 My Father God Loves Me in My Grief . . .
An Acrostic Psalm


....   Mourning my baby girl, I come to You; 
       You’re my respite amidst Death’s noxious view.

        Faithful are You Father God to love me! 
        Always and forever come above me,                                               
       Tabernacling o’er me with Your comfort, 
        Healing and holding my broken-heart’s hurt
        Even as You hold me and hurt with me,
        Reminding me You’ll e'er stay here with me.
        Guiding me through my soul’s pain, You lead me                      
       Over hills of misunderstanding You,               
        Down and through ravines, doubts’ and fears’ purview.
          Lead me, O Gentle Shepherd, across plains 
          Of barren-desert-spirit’s sordid pains,                                 
          Void of living waters to replenish,           
          Ever hold me up until life’s finish. 
          Simply keep my tear-stricken eyes on You,

Moving them to see Your Heavenly view— 

Evermore my baby girl basks in You!

In her Father’s arms, she rests her tired soul, 
Near her Savior who died to make her whole.
My baby girl is no longer war-torn;                       
You gagged Vile One who’d coaxed her to suborn.
          Granting her shame, You drew her back to Grace. 
          Repenting from dark deeds, she sought Your face,
      Invoked Your help to save her from her ways, 
          Exhume her faith—  So now her arms upraise, 
          Forever thanks You, singing out Your praise!

4/28/09 -- My Psalm - My Father God Loves Me in My Grief  (An Acrostic Psalm) - Angie Bennett Prince


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Susan Cushman said...

I lost my 20 year old Goddaughter, Mary Allison, in 1998, to a drunk driver. Her mother was my best friend and she was living with my family at the time, establishing residency in Tennessee for college. Posted her story here: http://wwwpenandpalette-susancushman.blogspot.com/2008/09/memory-eternal-september-18-1998.html. I am so sorry for your loss and understand your grief. Found you on Twitter.

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