Friday, August 14, 2009

Goodnight Sun

Goodnight Sun

Goodnight sun

Saying day is done…

Since you’re way up high

In God’s great big sky,

Will you please smile upon

My baby girl up on

Abba Daddy’s lap

Getting her nice long nap…

Give her a warm embrace

Till I can see her face…

Goodnight sun

Saying day is done…

We will wait upon

God to send His Son

Saying Day is done…

But life in Heav’n’s begun!

Goodnight Father-Spirit-Son,

Blessed Three-in-One,

Until my race is run,

May Your blessed will be done…

Until our Day is done,

And Your final Victory’s won!

Goodnight Baby Girl

Sitting atop my world…

Goodnight sun

Saying day is done…

Poem dedicated to—

Kristin Danielle Helms

(6/5/1990 – 7/16/2006)


Merry Katherine Prince

(3/29/1987 – 8/2/2006)

"~Our only daughters=Friends in Heaven.

Moms bonded by the empty ache..." ~Danielle Helms

Picture: “Goodnight Sun” from grieving mother, Danielle Helms, mother of Kristen Danielle Helms Web:

Poem – Goodnight Sun – Angie Bennett Prince – 8/7/09


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