Thursday, September 24, 2009

“Elvis-Pelvis” Visits Heartbreak Hotel

9/22/09 I fell three and a half weeks ago. I had awakened from a nightmare at 4:45 am on a Saturday morning, and knew I needed to go to the den to read awhile before I would wind down enough to go back to sleep….

In a sleepyheaded stupor, I walked down our pitch-black hall, deciding not to turn on the light so that I wouldn't awaken my husband. Feeling my way along the wall, when I got to the doorframe of what I thought was our den, I turned and stepped in…only to find myself stepping down….

I sleepily wondered to myself,

"I don't remember







Then, I felt myself plunging full-speed down onto what I quickly realized were our basement stairs! I "flew" down eight of the fourteen steps, landing on the eighth stair, sitting up….

Unfortunately however,

my "wings" were not wings at all,

but were my ribs and hips!


Three days later, I went for an x-ray and discovered I had two broken bones in my left pelvis! But when I met with the Orthopedic doctor for the second time today for another x-ray, the doctor discovered

I had broken not two bones as we originally had thought, but

all 3 bones in my pelvis

– the ischium, pubic bone, and ilium –

were broken in two!


as my highly-educated husband Tommy likes to so eloquently say,

"Elvis done broke her pelvis!"


Three weeks ago, the x-rays only showed two breaks; the third break had been camouflaged by some ligament-damage, effectively blocking the view of the 3rd breakage site!

"That's what I consider a major injury!"

my otherwise nonchalant, under-stating orthopedic surgeon declared this morning.


Looking at the x-ray, I noticed the breaks were aligned one on top of the other in a straight line. I later said to my husband,

"I feel like the lady the magician sawed in half!”

My husband affirmed,

“Only you were sawed in half vertically,

not horizontally!"


I am doing physical therapy three times a week, and am healing nicely, but it will take three to four months to completely heal the bones. A walker is still indicated for the next 4 weeks when I will see my doctor again.

Still, no surgery, no cast, and no brace is needed!

The bones will heal themselves!

Physical therapy continues so that I keep my range of motion in play. All should heal back so that I will be back to normal. There are no displacements, my hips are still even, and my legs are still evenly aligned according to the doctor….

Thank You Lord that You heal the bones back with no medical intervention!

What miracles I am watching take place!

What miracles our bodies are!



I wonder, why is it

broken bones heal back completely,

but when a child dies . . .

our broken hearts never will?


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