Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday’s Woe - Red Rover, Red Rover, My Life Is Over

Wednesday’s Woe

Three Years of Parents' Loss of Child

Red Rover, Red Rover, My Life Is Over

My husband Tommy’s view of life for these past three years of parent-loss…

Red Rover, Red Rover
My life is Over,
I sit watching my dog
Roll over and over.

And, now for my view...

When You Died that Night

When you died that night
My life was shattered.
So between you and I—
Were you the only one
Who really mattered?

Yet, my life goes on
Though broken and tattered…
My body functions
Though my heart be battered;
My emotions pour out
From my heart, they splatter . . . .

Such is the life of a heart that’s been shattered.
Say, how do I function
when my heart’s been shattered?

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it,
does it make a sound?"

Is a life really a life
When a heart’s been shattered?

My guess:

Answer to #1 God is always there, and He hears it: therefore it makes a sound.
Answer to #2 God is always there, and He breathes life: therefore Life still exists though the heart’s been shattered.

What is your guess?

Picture: Our dog, "Prissy"

Poem - "Red Rover, Red Rover, My Life is Over" written by Tommy Prince, 2007

Poem - "When You Died that Night" (in pink) written by Angie Bennett Prince 4/6/2008

Post written 9/30/09

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