Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday’s Mourning Ministry - Heaven is the Face

Monday’s Mourning Ministry

Heaven is the Face

Yesterday was the Candlelight Service at our Compassionate Friends meeting. One of my precious new friends, Ruby, ran up to me at the end of the service and asked me, "Do you have the new CD Steven Curtis Chapman made after the death of his little girl?" When I told her no, she pushed a CD into my hand, and said, "Then this is yours!" What a precious friend!

And so now, this morning, I am writing this with tears streaming down my face as I listen to "Heaven is the Face" and I wanted you to be able to hear it too. I have no other words; Steven's words express our hearts so well!

Thank you Steven for sharing your heart with us through your music; your grieving heart ministers to our hearts as well…

And, thank you Ruby, for being such a sweet friend to me...even in, and especially in, the midst of your own mommy-grief.

Heaven Is the Face

Steven Curtis Chapman

Chapman said that the accident made the family question their faith in God...

"My son said the other day that, you know, 'Yeah, we are a family (of great faith).'... But we're a family with a lot of questions," Steven Curtis Chapman said.

"But that's what faith is. It's living with the questions. That doesn't mean you have the answers. That's exactly what faith is."

~ Steven Curtis Chapman

For more on the Chapman family and their great loss, you may want to go to these sites:


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Anonymous said...

My deepest condolences. My sister just lost a child still in her womb today and we are all grieving the loss.

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