Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's Faith - "Listen to the Music" to Solve the Mystery

Friday's Faith

"Listen to the Music" to Solve the Mystery

It was Sunday morning, 6:24 a.m., and I was just finishing up another wonderful novel since I couldn't sleep... I was lying there in my bed, talking to my God, thanking Him for the amazing work I am watching some of my clients do in their very difficult healing work over the past weeks and months.

The thought crossed my mind,

"Angie, if you can see God's hand enabling these precious souls to do THE most difficult psychological work known to man, then can you trust that your same God can also help you to solve some of the most entangled situations you are facing financially?"

(In working for ourselves, we can spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how we can continue to make a living when clients and/or insurance companies are not cooperating. We can sometimes outwit ourselves by trying to figure things out that can't always be solved by forethought.)

So I asked myself,

"If God can work such miraculous progress in persons who have been harmed in many of the worst ways imaginable, then why do I doubt that He can work out the details of our lives (as well as our livelihoods) as well, without my always understanding exactly how that may happen?"

It's like the quote I just read as I was finishing my mystery novel this week… These words were spoken to the main character Tess, who, as a detective in the novel, is trying to solve a complicated murder through her own ability to be clever… She was being rebuked by a wise friend,

"In opera, if you don't know the language, you have to listen to the music. You have to leave words and cleverness behind. Cleverness is the last refuge for smart people. That's your problem, Tess. You're too clever. You're listening to the words instead of the music."

~from Baltimore Blues, by Laura Lippman

Lord, may I learn that You are the Shepherd; I am the sheep. I am designed to follow You. Help me to lay aside my need to be clever, often out-smarting myself when You stand by, ready to show me the way…!

Now, it is the end of the week, and my Lord has already dissolved the mystery that had me so stumped earlier in the week. And NEVER could I have predicted how well it would play out! May I learn to put my trust and faith in the proper Source for my life, which is in my Lord, not in my lofty imaginings. May I learn to listen for His music…

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