Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday's Sorrow ~ Good Mourning!

Sunday's Sorrow

Good Mourning!

Good Morning!
(Welcome again to my world of sadness.)
Or shall I say, "Good Mourning!"
As I celebrate my child who brought me gladness...

Tears flow~
As I remember my child's and my love for one another…
Must they slow?
No! Such is the life of a Grieving Mother!

Good Mourning!
Do not let the world tell you your tears are bad ~
Our tears are simply God's reminder of what we had ~

Good Mourning!
Every grieving mother knows
Cherishing our child's love is worth being sad!
Good Mourning!
So until we reach Heaven, our tears must flow!

The tears that represent our sacred treasure,
others ~who are blind~ will call "fools gold"!
Good Mourning!
As our Lord said, "Blessed are those who mourn" ~
We, of all people then, are blessed beyond measure!

Good Mourning!

Poem - Good Mourning! - Angie Bennett Prince - April 2, 2016


Grief is not a disease;
it is not an illness;
it is not depression.
It is, in fact,
an expression
of love.
Grief can only 
be a disease
if love is.

~Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, 
fellow psychotherapist and grieving mother


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