Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday's Woe - "We're Collapsing Here!"

Wednesday's Woe

"We're Collapsing Here!"

"We're collapsing here!"

so the golfer said.
His was only a game of golf,
(For him--- no Master's coat received.)

(For us? Our child is dead!  
The worst a parent can conceive….)

"We're collapsing here!"
Yet, the Truth is what sets free.
My collapsing here…?
Is such suffering my Master's call for me?

"We're collapsing here!"
Such state taints all we do!
Yet…it seems that into such suffering,
our God calls all His saints…

"We're collapsing here!"
To die to self feels like sure defeat,
(But only in God's purview…
what we define as loss,
our God defines as gain!)
Drop the encumbrance of this world~
Our loss becomes God's gain!

"We're collapsing here…"
What if That is our true call?
We suffer the world's worst loss,
Yet, our child receives God's all!

"We're collapsing here,"
A golfer's response to a game
Yet in the true Game of Life
Our loss becomes God's gain...

Meaning is restored:
Lord, help me collapse in You again…

Poem - "We're Collapsing Here!" - Angie Bennett Prince - April 11, 2016
(the day after golf champion Jordan Stied lost the Masters' Tournament…)


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