Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - Pluck This Ole Turkey: Grief Amidst Holidays

Tuesday's Trust

Pluck This Ole Turkey:

Grief Amidst Holidays

Two days before "Thanksgiving"
With disgust in my heart--
For man-made festivities,
I don't want any part...

Who says we're to celebrate
On that specific day
When holidays infiltrate
thanks-givings ev'ry day!

How ~ for crying out loud,
Do I party in a crowd:

"Turkey's ready ~ Ham's a fryin' --
Will you ask her to stop cryin'?!"

"Good ~ everybody's here ~
Are you sad again this year?"

"Okay ~ it's time to draw names --
Your child's missing? We can't be blamed!"

"You don't have any time t' grieve today --
We've got to shop and buy all day!"

"Picture time ~ put on that smile...
It's holidays ~ forget that child!"

"Now let's take time to give thanks ~
We'll name our kids ~ Just leave yours blank..."

Uhmm... I can't come...I'm on a diet ~
I'll stay home, have...peace and quiet!

How thankful I am this year...
God comes close to catch each tear...

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Poem - Pluck This Ole Turkey: Grief Amidst Holidays - Angie Bennett Prince - 11/22/10



bigD said...

A beautiful poem Angie that hits the nail right on the head. May I have permission to post on my blog? I read you blog regularly and I find so much comfort, truth, and info here. I am so thankful for your posts on the traumatic aspects of grief, PTSD etc. I believe I have many symptoms of PTSD due to the many traumatizing events of Nick's illness and his horrible death. Why do people think I would be ready to "celebrate" the holidays? Why do people think I would be ready to "educate" them on what I need with regard to acknowledgment of my beautiful son's life and how having him missing from all the family holidays and traditions just breaks my heart over and over again?

Angie Prince said...

Dearest Diane,

I am so sorry you are about to go through another Thanksgiving without your precious Nickolas. It is unbearable beyond words that our "babies" are not here with us at such otherwise sweet, memorable events as holidays shared as a family. I think there is literally no way to share with family the horrendous toll holidays take on our war-torn hearts in missing our children at such special times. Then to add to the burden of our heavy grief is the watching of "Normal Life" happening all around us when life is anything but normal for us ~ it just seems to pile an additional load of hurt on us that we hardly have the resources to tackle.

I am glad my poem resonated with you, and I would be quite honored for you to use it on your blog. Your blog is amazing. I love how you express this often-inexpressable pain, and I too would love to use some excerpts from your blog for my blog as well!

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so many of the traumatizing symptoms of PTSD, but I must say I am not surprised. You have gone through an unbelievable ordeal with your sweet Nickolas, and now you are having to also live life day after lonely day without your precious son. -- I am glad our blog's writings have been of some help to you. (We would love any feedback as to how your PTSD is impacting you as we are continually learning about this grief-war we are all up against.)

Diane, my heart breaks for you, and will be pouring out for you through these holidays. Tommy and I both appreciate you, are thankful you visit our blog, are thankful for your heart-felt and honest blog, and are broken-hearted for your great loss. Nickolas is such a handsome young man, and seems to have such an incredibly sweet and tender heart. It is my prayer that he and Merry Katherine and the other beautifully precious young lives that have gone on to be with God before us will keep one another steeped in love until we all get there to hold them for ourselves.

May God bless and hold you so close to His heart as you walk through the following days with His help.

Much love to you,

Angie (and Tommy)

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