Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - My Prayer

Wednesday's Woe

My Prayer

God in Heaven, help me please,
Soothe me with Your healing breeze.

My baby girl has left this world,
May Your wings on me unfurl...

Grief leaves me a helpless child;
Hold me Abba Daddy, meek 'nd mild

E'en as You hold my li'l girl,
Soothe my spirit in this world.

Remind me there'll come a day
We're joined together ~ alway!

Picture - Thank you to @LillyAnn

Poem - My Prayer - Angie Bennett Prince - 11/29/10


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danielle198890 said...

God Bless You Angie! I Love, Appreciate & Thank You Sweet Friend. We Are Mothers That Have Lost A Child & Our Only Daughters. We Have Known The Bliss Of That Incredibly Special Connect With Our Girls, & It Was Stolen In A Moment In Time. Thank God For Amazing Sisters That Really Know The Torment Of Our Souls.

Love You, Danielle

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