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Saturday's Sayings - Grieving Fathers Write...

Saturday's Sayings

Grieving Fathers Write...


Perhaps life is but a tapestry

Far larger than the sky,

Stretching in panoramic splendor from

The dawn of time until suns die.

Perhaps each of us is a single thread,

Into the tapestry briefly woven and

Blended with related fibers forming

A splotch of harmonized beauty,

Lending transient continuity.

Perhaps, beyond our comprehension,

A thread may seem to end before it should,

Disrupting the entire tapestry

With a chaotic clot of clashing color,

A snarled, frayed, broken end,

Leaving doubt there is a guiding hand,

Or, if so, it fumbles and has lost its skill.

Perhaps no single thread is ever lost

But just emerges on the other side

Where the Weaver, with patient, loving hands

Resumes the ageless masterpiece

In a blessed new beginning.

Perhaps we, in eternity,

Will be given the eyes to see

Scenes we were born imagining.

~Grieving Father, Richard A. Dew, M.D.

From Rachel's Cry: A Journey Through Grief

TCF/Knoxville, Tennessee


A Mule Pulling a Plow

It's been almost four years now

The day is still the same

My heart is still broken

My life is still aflame

I live in mere moments

Awkwardly trying to get by

One moment I'll smile

The next moment I'll cry

Still bearing this great loss

I stagger forward somehow

With this burden upon me

I feel like a "Mule Pulling a Plow"

I know the day will come

When I leave those fields of hurt

The plow, I'll no longer pull

As my body turns back into dirt

With purpose and reward

My soul will soar above

There I'll rejoin them

Altogether, in everlasting love

~Grieving Father, Donald Moyers

TCF/Galveston County, TX


Eloquence pretends to enrich my pain
Cloaking me in words of hope, of peace
That it majestically offers unsolicited.

Whispers of our love tell me I will not
inevitably find. The loss that scars my soul
Knows no release, only wandering
No light, only shadows
No passion, only emotion
As I move from the dread of never
To comprehending always.

I no longer search for words
I no longer ask for grace.
I seek only me and still you
In the belief that simplicity will
Surround what I can never understand.

~Grieving Father, Peter Vander Meulen


The king was overcome with emotion.
He went up to the room over the gateway and burst into tears.
And as he went, he cried,
"O my son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom!
If only I had died instead of you!
O Absalom, my son, my son."

~Grieving Father, King David
2 Samuel 18:33 NLT

"Even in darkness
light dawns...
for the Lord is
compassionate and

~Grieving Father, King David
~Psalm 112:4

Pictures, thanks to Writing Through your Grief


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