Monday, January 23, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - A Grieving Mother's "Day Off"

Tuesday's Trust

A Grieving Mother's "Day Off"

It's a day off ~ you'd think I'd have no cares.
I go to sleep ~ awaken to nightmares...
You needed help ~ there was no help I'd find;
I saw the one ~ who'd always helped... was blind.

Is this my life ~ suspended in mid-air?
What is my crime? For you, I'll always care.

A mommy's love ~ should soothe your hurts away.
But when I look ~ I see you've gone away.

Your heart's at rest ~ may that sink in, I pray.
My God knows best ~ He holds you close today.

Your mommy tried ~ she couldn't reach your heart.
And now you've died ~ and now we are apart.
I guess you know ~ you're always in my heart.

I'll see you soon ~ Would someone tell my heart?

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