Monday, January 2, 2012

Tuesday's Trust - God Calls... Though Grief's Ravages Linger

Ireland's Cliffs of Moher: The Pathway on the Edge

Tuesday's Trust

God Calls... Though Grief's Ravages Linger

The vision is there,

but not the repair,

The love of God shown,

Yet complete healing not known,

God's sparks of light,

But still... the night.

God's sufficiency reigns,

My self-sufficiency tamed.

Ravages of grief linger,

Yet God points His finger

To go and obey,

Walk in faith.

God shows His light

Though darkness yields blight.

God's will must be done,

Yet sleep doesn't come.

Can we trust in Him

As energies dim?

God told Abram to trust

Though Sarai seemed barren

At age 90, he 99;

Abram trusted the Vine.

Yet Abram doubted

Though God's faithfulness shouted.

Will we sell God short

As we watch plans abort?

God builds perseverance

When the fire burns hot;

We would choose convenience;

God does not.

Though grief drags us down,

God wears the crown.

Keep our eyes on Him,

Not our chances slim.

Bank on God's omniscience,

Not our common sense.

He marks the trail

Though we are frail.

To follow Him Home,

We must drop our throne.

God in Us, the Hope of Glory;

Without His power, we're an untold story.

Though I may faint, To God be the glory!

Poem - God Calls... Though Grief's Ravages Linger - Angie Bennett Prince 1/2/2012


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