Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday's Therapy - Dr. Cacciatore's Guide to Self-Compassion ~Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, Psychologist and Grieving Mother

Thursday's Therapy

Dr. Cacciatore's Guide to Self-Compassion

~Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, Psychologist and Grieving Mother

Dr. Cacciatore's Guide to Self-Compassion

 1. Spend at least fifteen to thirty minutes daily in meditation, prayer or quiet time just being.

 2. Commit at least twenty minutes a day to exercise- yoga, walking, or any type of exercise within your abilities.

 3. When you are able, try to laugh at least once a day.

 4. Surround yourself with caring others- family, friends, and/or colleagues. Seek the company of others who are compassionate, open hearted, and kind.

5. Get 15-20 minutes of sunshine each day.

 6. Observe and experience nature. Notice the sky when walking to your car. Listen to the sounds of birds. Pay attention to the trees, smell blossoming flowers, hear the buzzing ees, and watch ants as they work. Get out into nature as often as you can.

 7. Experience gratitude daily, even for simple things in life that we usually take for granted such as clean running water, shelter, & food. 

 8. Notice negative self-talk and love yourself through them when you can.

 9. Show compassion, actively, toward others. Look for, even small, opportunities to help. Open doors, offer to aid someone carrying groceries, really listen to someone else's story. Actively seek to give kindness, and volunteer at least one day per month.

10. Support your brain: Eat a healthy diet and eliminate junk foods. Take a good, food based multi-vitamin/mineral and include omega oils.

11. Express your feelings and affection for your loved ones. Take the time to tell them how much they mean to you. Give, and accept praise.

12. Try to experience connectedness to others. To your beloved dead. To neighbors. To family. To the sky and earth. Pay attention to feelings of disconnection and strive toward feelings and actions which promote connection.

13. Seek rituals that help you remember your loved ones who have died.

14. Change your routine in small ways. Change the way you dress one day; take a new route to work; find a novel hobby; read a new book; wear a new scent; eat a new food.

15. Give yourself permission to experience self-compassion & self-love. Be gentle with you. Practice forgiveness - especially to your self, and be your own best friend.

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