Saturday, May 9, 2009

But I Want to Climb Your Heavenly Tree of Life!

But I Want to Climb Your 

Heavenly Tree of Life!

 (Poetry Prompt Challenge)

This Tree of Life’s in Heaven –it’s not fair,

For to climb up on its branches, I long—

O to jump on a branch, and hang on there …

While folks down here just jeer and jest their song:


“There is no God in Heaven!” they all shout;

“For if He were, there would be no more crime—

the hungry would eat; babies would not pout;

there would not be sickness nor vile wartime!”


The God of Heaven hung His holy head,

“Do they not know My kingdom’s not yet come?

You must go, appeal to them in My stead,

‘Such laws are true only in My kingdom!’”


“There is another prince at work on earth—

Prince of Darkness they unwittingly serve;

That’s why I provided a second birth:

For on their own, My laws they can’t observe!


 “Of course, they long for justice and peacetime;

I put a longing for them in their heart.

For now, I need you, this Tree not to climb,

But gather the lambs to, My truth impart . . .


“I would not lose any if they’re willing

To accept My Peace offering with My love;

I cry for them daily, My tears spilling,

Longing to bring them to My courts above!


 “Keep your eyes on Me, not on My Life’s Tree;

Your reward e’er awaits your arrival;

Climb into My heart, and then you will see

My urgent need for your heart’s revival.


“For how will they hear unless they are told?

And how will they respond unless they know

My heart will free them from Satan’s stronghold?

Don’t only tell, but My love for them, show!”


Forgive me dear Lord for my selfishness—

I just wanted my pain to end!  Your pain

Though was freely given; You weren’t woundless—

Man of Sorrows . . . suffered pain for my gain!


Here, You missed Your Heavenly Father too,

But You never forgot Your life’s mission:

You never thought Your life too precious to

Undergo—for our sakes—pain or bludgeon.


Give me the strength to climb into Your heart,

See blood and tears from sorrows ... ripped apart.

I must, when I long to climb Your Life’s Tree,

Remember . . . You climbed Calv’ry’s tree for me!


Poetry prompts jump, jeer, jest

Keith Haring's painting, The Tree of Life, 1985

Written 5/9/09 - But I Want to Climb Your Heavenly Tree of Life! - Angie Bennett Prince 


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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt poem; we must keep our eyes on the prize. Thank you for your selfless love and the wonderful God filled spirit you share with us so often.

Peace, Light and Love, C.

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