Friday, May 22, 2009

From Tangled to Jaws of LIFE

From Tangled
Jaws of LIFE

From being tangled up in a drug world
To being tangled up in a mangled car . . .

Our “jaws of life” couldn’t pull you from one.
Too late, “jaws of life” pulled you from th’ other.

Tangled in drugs cut your heart, soul, and spirit.
Mangled car mutilated your body.

Tangled in drugs cut you away from us.
Mangled up by car cut your life from us.

From tangled to mangled, both took your heart …

LIFE picked you up, put you in His Jaws,
Saving from the one preying on your soul . . .

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Written 5/22/09 – From Tangled to Jaws of LIFE – Angie Bennett Prince


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ay5GgoMn3YK6zzR6TQLzMKj1Luz_ said...

what a beautiful girl. i found you while searching for local blogs, i hope you dont mind that i stopped by. it seems that i recognize her name. i know that you hurt and i wish i could say something that would make it all better. im glad that you know the Lord, He is a very present help in time of trouble. much love and many blessings, angelia nichols

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