Saturday, May 16, 2009

Right-Brain Grief Work

Right-Brain Grief Work

(Poetry Prompt)


                                    Lost a loved one, and now you’re feeling droll,

                                    In circumstances beyond your control?

                                    Read the latest grief research; then decide . . .

                                    Landscape River’s beautiful countryside

                                    Could provide the best grief-relief for you!

                                    To glide in the water, bask in the view,

                                    Hear nature sing, smell arboraceous scents,

                                    And taste foggy damp air whets every sense.

                                    Oft-times talking about grief makes one balk;

                                    Reveling in God’s world often beats talk!

                                    So come alongside and ride beside me;

                                    Take a break from your grief; take time to “be.”

                                    The left brain, by death has been traumatized;

                                    The right brain brings rest when it’s sense-i-tized!



Painting:  Landscape River by Thomas Gainsborough, c1770

Prompt words:  damp, decide, droll


written 5/16/09 – Right-Brain Grief Work – Angie Bennett Prince


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cordieb said...

Creativity indeed lightens one's spirit. Beautiful and meaningful poem. Full of wisdom, indeed. Blessings...Have a super week!!!!

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