Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday's Faith - God’s Passionate Hush

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Friday's Faith

God’s Passionate Hush

Don’t think of His silence as disinterest

For even His silence communicates;

He speaks in the calm and in the tempest.

As one of us ponders or ruminates,

There is surely activity and care—

It just might not obviously be shown:

As thunder brews in the moist-laden air,

There is much going on—to us unknown;

As a mother watches her newborn child,

One may not see ev’ry thought, care or fear,

But should this mother o’er her child be riled,

You’ll see the ire of a mother bear rear.

There is such a thing as passionate hush—

God awaits; in time, to your side He’ll rush,

As He rushed to her side that night, I trust.


Poem – God’s Passionate Hush – Angie Bennett Prince – 8/28/08


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