Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - Grief's Insurrection

Wednesday's Woe

Grief's Insurrection:

Grief's Relief Map


Heart-Welfare's Insurrection

It seems Grief provides a certain "relief,"

A relief that provides a sure reprieve.

People you once treated kind, would bring Grief...

Grief's Clarity of Mind would bring reprieve.

Grief's Clarity of Mind would seem to show

Flaws in Character you once would ignore.

Fragility of Heart demands to Know,

Not allowing Denial anymore....

For just as one learns on his Sickness Bed,

Allowing sickness germs would leave one...Dead,

So Character Germs...once tolerated,

Intensive Care Decimated.

For Emotional Health to be resurrected,

Demands Character-Germs be detected,

Else one becomes further Germ-Infected...

Grief's Clarity provides Germ Detection

To deter Heart-wrenching Germ-Infection...

Germ-Warfare yields Heart-Welfare's Insurrection!

Picture: Thank you to Hoang Nguyen

Poem - Grief's Insurrection - Angie Bennett Prince - 3/31/10


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