Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Faith - The Starting Line

Friday's Faith

The Starting Line

I stand at the starting line,

Struggling to take my first step.

Ahead is a steep incline

Where th' rest of my life is kept.

I think how fast you once ran...

I think how slow I must go

Now that death has changed life's plan

With hurdles to undergo...

But now as I look ahead,

I can't even see the path

I know where it once led,

But that was before death's wrath.

My tears seem to blur the way,

Rendering me weak and blind.

I step, by faith anyway,

By sight of a diff'rent kind...

You once ran swift like a dear

With nothing hind'ring your way.

The path ahead was so clear,

You knew where the finish line lay.

Though I don't know where life goes,

I know I'll find you at its close...

So by faith I'll finish the race

Leaning heavily on God's grace,

And then at the end of my race...

I'll run into your embrace!

Poem - The Starting Line - Angie Bennett Prince - 3/4/2010


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