Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's Faith - His Child for Mine

Friday's Faith

His Child for Mine

My God in Heaven sent Him to die

In my place and in my child's.

To e'er doubt His love~How could I?

His love endured all~His death to give Life...

O, how could He spare His Child for mine?

I cannot bare the loss of my baby!

Yet He allowed His, drink Satan's bitt'rest wine…

Then says, "Now, love like I do." So maybe...

He'll pour such Love through His “umbilical” Vine

...To love others like they baby,

For He loves me just as He did His Baby…

After His Son’s death, God to His Child did endow

The breath of Life that gave Life to His Child…

To think, that same Life He breathes in me now,

Is the same Life He now breathes in my baby…

Written Good Friday, 4/2/2010

Poem - His Child for Mine – Angie Bennett Prince – Good Friday, 4/2/2010


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