Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday’s Trust - The Daffodil: Living in the Dark

Tuesday’s Trust

The Daffodil:

Living in the Dark

I look out upon my garden and see

The daffodil, sitting sprightly on ground

That once was dark, yet filled with mystery…

I look at my life, wondering where I’m bound,

Deeply ground under piles of death’s ashes.

Is there hope for new life for me as well?

All seems dark, yet Your Son shines through; flashes

Of Light break through the dark of death’s hell,

Urging me on through the dark to break through,

Reaching for Light, keep my eyes looking up,

Fight through the dark, keep my focus on You,

To hold on by Faith without giving up…

With the strength of Your hand, You pull me through

Much slower than I ever would have guessed.

Moving me slowly would build Faith’s sinew,

Breaking through fear-rocks and fighting doubt-pests

To strengthen my being for life anew,

Toughen me up for Satan’s stormy gusts

When Loss and Grief threaten to take me down…

Then suddenly through death’s dark dirt we bust

Where I see the Son shining with Light all ‘round…


Poem – Living in the Dark – Angie B. Prince – 4/6/10


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