Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - Spring...Midst Death's Demise

Wednesday's Woe

Spring...Midst Death's Demise

Redbuds, Daffodils, and Tulips are out,

Bradford Pears and Cherry trees are blooming,

Iris, Hibiscus, and Camellia out,

Almond Tree, Dogwoods, Lenten Rose pluming!

"31st Anniversary!" I shout!

"Still in love, my how the years are zooming!"

Nature springs alive with beauty, no doubt...

For my sons in their prime, life is booming!

My baby's in Heaven, flying about~

God's in His Heaven; my soul He's grooming...

So why in this Beauty, does my heart pout...

Though life's good, parts of me are e'er gloomy?

Some parts of my life have veered off the route

My soul's at peace, but loss is e'er looming...

God, hold Your child as she cries her eyes out!

O'erwhelm my heart with Your peace and soothe me...

Thank You, though Your ways are past finding out,

Midst death's demise, You cause New Life to sprout!

Poem - Spring...Midst Death's Demise - 4/7/10 - Angie Bennett Prince


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