Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - How Loss Throws the Princess from her "Magical" Kingdom Into Grief

Tuesday's Trust

How Loss Throws the Princess from her "Magical" Kingdom Into Grief

What happens to the princess after the ball?

After all, does magic stop once the prince does call?

From her cinders, she moved into the "palace" of the prince,

Never guessing from where, her life would go thence.

All had been wonderful...magical to this point,

One assumes magic flows with love conjoint...

The prince and princess after they wed,

Had three beautiful children to whom they fed

The love that flowed freely through the kingdom,

Assuming of course more "magic" to come...

Their children grew in stature, in heart too

Loving others deeply with the love that they knew.

Friendships made with amazing depth, knowing

The Lord of Lordsliving, in His love flowing.

All seemed to be going in the right direction,

Forgetting Satan's plot of insurrection...

Stopped in their tracks, from their world, he would hurl

Their beautiful princess, their sweet baby girl...

All of the magic went out of their sails,

Wond'ring and wond'ring where might they have failed.

Not walking through battle, their hearts still were shot

Rend'ring them ruined, their child's death as their lot.

How then will they live for kingdom-life's all they knew;

Helping others to thrive, all they knew how to do...

Despite devastation of Grief's cold Gloom,

Flow'rs in their garden continued to bloom...

Turning to their Lord, their real Prince of Peace,

They cried, they questioned, their tears would not cease.

Their Prince, the King of Kings reminded them,

The "magic" continues...but out of this realm...

Their princess has entered the Kingdom of Love,

Living with the One King, her Lord above.

And should they prove faithful, as He'd help them do,

They'd join in God's Kingdom where His Love flows through.

So carry on through Grief, don't give up the fight;

There are hurting souls here who still need Love's Light.

Comforted by the One Prince who brings them Peace,

From their hearts, they hand Him each broken piece.

Held by His hand, they trudge through their Grief,

For though days drag by, they know time left is brief.

Pulled from the cinders, to live by faith not by sight,

They hold on through Death's Darkness to Love's healing Light.

As they continue to heal, they rest in His love,

Awaiting Love's call to His Kingdom above.

Where there will be loving celebration,

All giving the True Prince approbation.

Marylou Falstreau's Artwork

Many thanks to Marylou Falstreau for her beautifully creative artwork: http://www.mfalstreau.com/

"New Beginnings"

"One day she knew she must follow her heart"

"Rareified Air" (mother holding baby)

"My Heart's Desire"

"One Day She Decided to Open Her Hands and Receive"

"She Ain't Heavy"

"She Got Up Off the Chair"

"Flying Elephants"

"Roses Bloom"

"One day she woke up and discovered she'd grown wings"

Tears Falling

"New Dawn"

"Angel Girl"


Many thanks to Artist Marylou Falstreau's for use of her wonderful creations: http://www.mfalstreau.com/
Other pictures thanks to Photobucket.com
Poem - How Loss Throws the Princess from her "Magical" Kingdom into Grief - Angie Bennett Prince - 5/4/10


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Vicki said...

Hi Angie! Haven't been here in awhile, but the page loaded so much faster this time:-) Love the artwork. Was thinking of you...thought I'd pop over for a few minutes and was captivated by your post here. I've been stockpiling art supplies for a year, and want so badly to sit down and paint. Anyway, love you, sis...prayers & hugs, V.

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