Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - Narcissism in Grief?

Wednesday's Woe

Narcissism in Grief?


Would You Call a Patient in Intensive Care "Narcissistic" or "Doing What's Necessary to Heal"?

Yes, I am egocentric these days

I think it must come with grief's territory.

I muddle through each day in a haze;

Grief is its own form of purgatory.

It is not the same as narcissism,

For I feel deep grief for others too.

It's more that grief is a full-time prison,

Leaving little room for a grander view.

I heard myself telling my son today

"Daddy and I aren't the same as before..."

Grief demands of me in every way...

It's like I'm away at Grief's War!

Changes come hard for my whole family,

Her leaving here took a part of our hearts.

Normal life has taken a shattering;

We walk among shards that slice us apart.

It's hard to tell others what to expect,

For when she crashed, life-as-we-knew-it wrecked!

There's protocol for when bones break apart...

Is there "Intensive Care" for broken hearts?

One doesn't begrudge a patient time to heal;

So please don't begrudge broken hearts time to feel!

"Daddy and I aren't the same as before...

My brain can contain Grief but not much more!"

Narcissistic? No. Egocentric? Yes.

"Hearts' Intensive Care" deserves nothing less!

Picture found on thanks to @LillyAnn
Poem - Narcissism in Grief? - Angie Bennett Prince - 5/1/10


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Diana Doyle said...

Great post and so true about how patients are given time to heal. I just had this exact conversation with my cousin who lost her son 8 years ago and doesn't get much compassion these days. I will send her your link. with love and a hug. Diana Doyle

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