Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - Religious Rain Dance

Tuesday's Trust

Religious Rain Dance

Tommy's Journal Entry From a Year Ago

Last night I talked to Angie about how when she mentioned yesterday about praying for something, my immediate thought was, “It won’t do any good to pray for that.”

One of the biggest changes in me after Merry Katherine was killed was my ‘prayer life.’ I now only pray for comfort from God and that’s all.

The agony and turmoil I went through for months right up to the time she was killed is not something I care to go through again. So, why try, it won’t do any good.

My whole belief and faith in what I was taught and thought about God has been shot all to hell.

I feel as though I was duped all these years into being able to pray for specifics and eventually my prayers would be answered.

I realize now so much of the Western version of Christianity is mixed in with paganism.
  • If we pray hard enough,
  • If we shout loud enough,
  • If we sing long enough,
  • If we give money enough,

God will be moved to grant us our ‘favor.’

All that is, is unadulterated paganism.

The underlying assumption is if ‘I’ do something like participate in a religious ritual or do the things I’ve already mentioned, this will be pleasing to God and He will be moved.

That is NOT the Gospel you dumb-a**es.

God moves because he deeply loves us in Jesus not because we do something or don’t do something.

You are going to get f**ked over no matter what you do.

It’s called ‘suffering’ and the New Testament is just loaded with it. The problem is no one is teaching the most obvious aspect of the Gospel.

The beauty of it is that God is there in the suffering.

So take the pressure off and stop the religious rain dance and bask in Him.

Western Christianity thrives on false formulas that need to be spoken or acted on in some way.

  • Say these words;
  • Raise your hand...I see that hand;
  • Come down front;
  • Eat this;
  • Don’t eat that;
  • Have you read your Bible everyday;
  • Study the lesson;
  • Be on time!”

All of the aforementioned activities are nothing but Tribal Behaviors.

Some big preacher chief and denominational council get together once a year and declare to the tribe the old and new tribal rituals that must be followed or you will be in deep doo doo:

  • Don’t follow God;
  • Follow the formulas.

According to the big preacher chiefs, we are to be disciples of the formulas not to be disciples of Jesus.

You think this might be the reason you can’t really tell a ‘Christian’ from a ‘Non-Christian’ in our culture?

The only thing Jesus told his followers to do was to

‘Love on each other like I've loved on you.’

That’s it.

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