Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday's Trust - Thankful~Love Conquers All Amidst My Child's Struggles

Merry Katherine with some precious friends from her church youth group

Tuesday's Trust

Thankful ~ Love Conquers All

In response to last week's Friday's Faith, "In the Process of Forgiving," God gave me this poem on Saturday:

Yes, there were kids in her lifetime who hurt the Savior's name;

They marred His face, His loving grace, and His own glory claimed.

But God's own Love could not be stopped; It sought another route --

For His Sweetness would not be cropped; It found a diff'rent spout...

He brought to her much sweeter friends who truly knew His Name;

They loved her with the Savior's love~their lives His love proclaimed.

Not perfect, nor pretending to be, they reached out in love;

They bore His Light and cleared the Way to show the One above.

They did not hide their eyes from flaws; by her, they were not fooled,

But judging not, they loved her still, despite th' Enemy cruel.

In Love's sweet fellowship, together in Him they all grew;

With cleansed hearts from forgiveness of sins, His deep Love they knew.

Though tripped up by sin's deceit (as we all can be), she still

Was held by Love's Redeeming Hand ~ the Hand that holds her still...

Picture of Merry Katherine & friends ~ Thanks to her good friend, Joe
Poem - Thankful ~ Love Conquers All - Angie Bennett Prince - 8/28/10


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