Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday's Woe - Grief Screams, "Release the Hounds!"

Wednesday's Woe

Grief Screams,

"Release the Hounds!"

If Child-Loss Grief isn't hard enough

With tears and heart's anguish doubling you over,

Add to that loss, unresolved Childhood stuff,

Like heart's painful sediment layered over

By years of life's experiences,

Like settled, sedentary rock~Covert Hurt~

Tucked so far under, one hardly flinches

As what-you-wish-were covers what-you-wish-weren't.

But deep hurt like molten rock stirs grief's pot

With childhood angst you'd thought was now gone,

Till Vesuvius of Hurt you'd thought was not

Spews out with angst, with its gutteral moan,

Making what was already debilitating

Cope with agonizing lava infiltrating...

As one loss surfaces, another bounds...

It's as if your body screams, "Release the Hounds!"

Poem - Grief Screams, "Release the Hounds!" - Angie Bennett Prince - 8/24/10

"Now that the double doors have been thrown wide open with your Child-Loss Grief, Childhood Pain spots a weakness in the surface through which it can gush, screaming, "Me, too; Me, too!"

~Tommy Prince

It seems all our pain ~every bit of it, now screams for relief...

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Poem - Grief Screams, "Release the Hounds" - Angie Bennett Prince 8/24/10


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Anonymous said...


I think your poem was WONDERFUL! It completely captures what I'm feeling today. The grief from the loss of my son is swirling together with my childhood losses... It is unbearable today. I don't dare move, answer the phone, go to the store. I do not know if my "hounds" will be unleashed or not. Thank goodness someone else understands Complicated Grief.

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