Monday, January 10, 2011

Tuesday's Trust - My Mother's Present

Tuesday's Trust

My Mother's Present

Discovered from my sister the day after my precious mother's death

From my mother,

One child-loss griever to another,

"Angie, Take care of yourself darling!"

She called out into the air within my sister's presence.

After Mother's death, my sister gave me this, the best of all presents...

These words of a loving mother's nurturance who "gets" a mother's pain

When God allows th' mother to go through th' storms of Child-Loss Rain.

As the psalmist said to God,

"Many gasp in alarm when they see me,

but You take me in stride."

It seems the only ones who "get it," and can "take me in stride,"

Are a loving God and a loving mother who both,

In such deep child-loss grief, too, once, sorely did abide.

~Scripture from Psalm 71

Picture: Mother and I
Poem - My Mother's Present - Angie Bennett Prince - 1/10/2011


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