Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Child-Loss Grief and the Frozen Path: Thoughts on a Snowy Day ~by Maggie Helton Sims

Wednesday's Woe

Child-Loss Grief and the Frozen Path:

Thoughts on a Snowy Day

~ by Maggie Helton Sims

A precious grieving mother, Maggie Helton Sims who lost her precious son just short of three years ago, graciously allowed me to post her wonderful poem that so aptly captures our child-loss grief. She notes that poetry has been a tool that has helped her as she attempts to cope with her great loss. We thank you so much, Maggie. (I added a few pictures for illustration purposes.)

Thoughts on a Snowy Day

the Snowy Path

The snow falls quietly on the frozen path ahead
The pearlescent blanket glistens in the morning light
My eyes look past the beauty of this wonder
That once stirred in me awe and delight.

My barren heart longs to once again see
The hope of the promise of love
But now as I silently watch the snow fall
I only see snowy, white tears from above

The wonder that once enthralled me
Has disappeared in flames.
If only I could forget the past
Move on, and forget the names.

Fall, snow, fall on me
Until I can only see
The comforting blanket of God’s love
With the promise of hope for me.

There are more frosty paths that still lie ahead
Lord, the road is dark and lonely.
Light the unknown with your presence
Teach me to depend on you only.

Heal the hurt, bury the pain
Bring peace to this life again.
Until the emptiness comes to an end
And hope - like the snow – falls fresh and new again.

~ Maggie Helton Sims

Poem: Thoughts on a Snowy Day ~by Maggie Helton Sims
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