Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - The.Four.Dreaded.Words. ~Tommy Prince

Wednesday's Woe


~Tommy Prince

Coming out of the holiday season, The.Four.Dreaded.Words I hate to hear amidst our immediate family:

"Let's all get together."

It seems I can function okay until I hear these words, and it stops me in my tracks. All the wheels lock up. Everything stops. And I cannot function.

For example: We go into a restaurant.

"How many are in your party?"

The number 5 comes to mind... Then once again, I'm stopped in my tracks. Someone's missing. This isn't right. I must say, "4."

Take last week, last Thursday. We are walking into Angie's mother's funeral. I am walking down the aisle, seeing the crowd of people, hearing the music, smelling the flowers, seeing the casket... and being directed to sit on the front row. I almost keep going...back down the aisle...and out the door.

But I don't. I stop and sit down.

About the time I regain my composure, I look up at the stage. Angie is up on the stage to speak at her mother's funeral, but only two of our three children are standing with her... It is almost more than I can take. Here come the tears...

Now, we're back home and are anticipating two family birthdays coming up - Nathan's, then mine. It is something I should look forward to, but I don't. I dread it. It is now impossible for "all" of us to Get.Together.Ever.Again.

picture: http://www.northrup.org/photos/quebec/pink-flower-missing-petal.htm

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