Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday's Faith - If Heaven Had a Phone...

Friday's Faith

If Heaven Had a Phone...

If Heaven had a phone

And I could call and talk to you,

Reaching across miles and miles, through distances unknown,

What would be the words I would want to say to you

I've "said" only with tears, Baby, to you since you've been gone...?

First of all, I love you with all my heart~

My tears fill many buckets with that love;

I'm just not the same since we've been apart:

Life's lost so much meaning since you went above...

(Words are so insufficient to say what th' heart must say;

It seems my heart's cry to you speaks better than words any day...)

My tears speak a language that's so hard to translate;

They send their cries through sorrow straight through to Heav'ns Gate...

They seem to know my heart, more than just do words alone;

Perhaps my tears are better than talking on the phone...!

And baby girl when you appear to me with your great big smile,

It has a language of its own that transcends many-a-mile.

Perhaps God has a "phone" plan better than any other

When th' spirit signals messages back 'nd forth, from th' child to th' mother...

A communication system that's been there since before you were born

That conveys love's messages to you better than any human horn.

So who needs a phone plan when we can "talk" through the air:

When hearts cry out one to another, each beat becomes a prayer...

Poem - If Heaven Had a Phone... - Angie Bennett Prince - 2/24/2011


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