Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - "There Ain't No Happy in Birthday..."

Wednesday's Woe

"There Ain't No Happy in Birthday..."

It's Tommy's birthday today;

He's the love of my life.

I'm feeling festive today

Despite Death's dev'lish knife.

And yet I'm compromised;

Grief will have its way:

My heart is still fried

E'en on my hubby's birthday...

God bless my precious hubby

On this his special day;

Help him feel my loving

E'en should grief get in the way.

He doesn't want a party

Since all our kids cannot attend...

(Our hearts are somewhat guarded

As our hearts,

E'er our baby's loss doth rend.)

His best present would be her presence,

But since he can't have that just yet,

Would You then, Your sweet soothing send...

And help him feel his baby's love

I'm sure she sweetly sends,

As we know...she's watching from just 'round Heav'ns bend...

"There ain't no 'Happy' in Birthday,"

Tommy said to me today,

Though we did try to celebrate,

Hov'ring o'er were grief's clouds of gray.

In grief, "there ain't no 'Happy' in Birthday";

It's just...get through, and breathe along the way.

Poem - "There Ain't No Happy in Birthday" - Angie Bennett Prince - 2/8/2011


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pearl said...

This was good. I know how your husband, Tommy, must have felt on his birthday. There just ain't "No Happy in Birthday". I hope you two did have a peaceful, nice day together on his birthday even tho the grief of your precious, beautiful daughter has to be still so very hurtful to accept.
Sending my love to two sweet people <3
pearl rogers

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