Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wednesday's Woe - Death Barged In

Wednesday's Woe

Death Barged In

In his Russian greatcoat

slamming open the door

with an unpardonable bang,

and he has been here ever since.

He changes everything,

rearranges the furniture,

his hand hovers

by the phone;

he will answer now, he says;

he will be the answer.

Tonight he sits down to dinner

at the head of the table

as we eat, mute;

later, he climbs into bed

between us.

Even as I sit here,

he stands behind me

clamping two

colossal hands on my shoulders

and bends down

and whispers to my neck,

From now on,

you write about me.

~by Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno


And a follow up verse...

Death Barged In

Death barged in

and took my child.

Who is he

this enemy wild?

Crushed my heart

and spit me out...

Why does he

have any clout?

I poured my heart out

to my Lord;

I cried to Him ~

This, my reward?

God have mercy

on us on earth;

We can't see all

in LOVE's wide girth,

All we feel

is Hope abandoned;

We can't see ~

through death, we're ransomed.

~Angie Bennett Prince

Picture: http://bit.ly/hT76sr

Poem, "Death Barged In," by Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno shared by Diane from http://dancindianern.blogspot.com/

Poem - Death Barged In - Angie Bennett Prince - 2/22/2011


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